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What is ITI MedNet?

The ITI Medical and Pharmaceutical Network (ITIMedNet) is a Subject Network associated with the UK-based Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). It is composed of a group of translators and interpreters from around the world who have or are seeking to gain expertise in the fields of medicine and/or all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. It is a non-profit group, run by a committee of volunteers, and the current membership is about 250. Membership costs £15/year.

ITIMedNet exists to promote the continuing professional development (CPD) of medical translators and interpreters, and to provide mutual professional support and assistance to its members. These goals are achieved through 6 main activities:

• Two member-only e-groups, where we discuss medical terminology, training, work opportunities, business and related topics, share expertise, and offer advice. Both e-groups have searchable archives containing a wealth of valuable material extending back over many years.

• Twice-yearly workshops, comprising lectures by experts on various aspects of medicine, a practical translation session on the day’s topic, and opportunities for face-to-face networking. ITIMedNet workshops – now well into their 4th decade – are usually held in the UK, with occasional forays further afield.

• A twice-yearly newsletter, including detailed write-ups of our workshop lectures since 1991 and a variety of bilingual glossaries based on our workshop practical translation sessions.

• A mentoring scheme based around a collaboration between a more experienced colleague (the mentor) and a relative newcomer to the profession (the mentee). However, mentees may also be experienced translators who are seeking to move in a new direction, perhaps by adding further source languages to their repertoire or by focusing in greater depth on a particular medical specialty.

• A bursary scheme to assist attendance at ITIMedNet workshops and other CPD events of medical/pharmaceutical relevance.

• This website, incorporating a searchable directory of our members who are also Qualified Members (MITI or FITI) of ITI, and providing useful resources through a password-protected members-only area, such as a multilingual collection of 21,000+ medical abbreviations and a list of useful websites (both regularly updated), our newsletter archive, and an archive of past workshop presentations.

How to find a translator or interpreter

Click here to search our directory of qualified members.

Our Directory contains the names of translators and interpreters who belong to the ITI Medical and Pharmaceutical Network and are also Qualified Members of ITI (MITI or FITI).

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To search for a translator or interpreter working in fields other than medicine and pharmaceuticals, consult the ITI Directory.

What is ITI?

ITI is the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, a professional association of translators and interpreters, with an international membership, based in the UK. The Institute promotes high standards of professional excellence in those fields in which the services of specialist linguists are required. Find out more about the ITI and how to become a member.

ITI Networks are groups of ITI members working in the same subject area, language or region. Within Networks, members obtain mutual support, pool information and arrange further training in their specialist fields, languages or local areas.

Explanation of qualifications

Members of the Network are highly qualified people with a broad range of experience. Below is a guide to some of the abbreviations used to describe their qualifications:

MITIFITI: Qualified Member/Fellow of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting

FCILMCILACIL: Fellow, Member, Associate of the Chartered Institute of Linguists