Members Page

Welcome to the Members-Only Area, where you can update your listings in ITIMedNet’s two directories – the public directory of Qualified Members of ITI (MITI and FITI) (Directory) and the directory of all current members of ITIMedNet (Member Directory) that is only viewable by ITIMedNet members – and access a host of other useful resources (Member Downloads).

Directory Guidelines

The public Directory is a way for you to market your services and attract clients. It is in the interest of all members of ITIMedNet to project a professional image, so what you write in your directory entry should be appropriate and consistent with the general style of the website. Members should only list services and language combinations that they are capable of offering to a professional standard.

The Member Directory is a searchable list for the purposes of networking between ITIMedNet members.

How to update your listing in the directories

Click on “Edit profile” at the right of the menu on the top of the page and fill in the fields.

Please note that there are character limits for the directory entries, but you can include the address of your website where potential clients and fellow members can find more extensive information. You have the option to show or hide the information you provide in each field.

Your membership type determines which directory you appear in. All ITIMedNet members appear in the Member Directory. If you are a Qualified Member of ITI (MITI or FITI), please choose whether you wish your details to appear in searches by the general public, so that they can offer you work.

Member Download Folders

  • Member documents – these include documents covering our policy for postings on our terminology and business query e-groups and instructions on how to search their extensive archives and manage your e-group accounts, as well as our regularly updated lists of over 21,000 medical abbreviations and of useful websites.
  • Newsletters – all our twice-yearly newsletters since 1991, including detailed write-ups of our workshop lectures over the past 30 years and bilingual glossaries compiled from the workshop translation sessions.
  • Mentoring scheme – we offer a mentoring scheme, eligible for CPD and based around a collaboration between a more experienced colleague (the mentor, who must be a fully qualified (MITI or FITI) member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting or equivalent professional organisation) and a relative newcomer to the profession (the mentee). However, mentees may also be experienced translators who are seeking to move in a new direction, perhaps by adding further source languages to their repertoire, or by focusing in greater depth on medical/pharmaceutical translation or a particular medical specialty. The scheme coordinator matches mentors and mentees for language combination/direction and any specific areas of medical/pharmaceutical interest. Further details about the scheme, including examples of mentee and mentor feedback, application forms and detailed guidelines for both parties, including payments to the mentor (partly subsidised by MedNet) and costs to the mentee can be downloaded from the Mentoring scheme folder of the Member Downloads page. The current mentoring scheme coordinator is Ulrike Nichols
  • Bursary scheme – MedNet offers financial assistance to its members to attend workshops or other CPD events of medical or pharmaceutical relevance. Guidelines, application and claim forms can be downloaded from the Bursary scheme folder of the Member Downloads page.
  • Workshops – ppt presentations of workshop lectures given since 2012, plus the source texts to be used in the practical translation session of the next workshop.
  • Miscellaneous – various documents written or submitted by MedNet members as useful in the field of medical or pharmaceutical translation.